We Are In Good Health! Santé!

Socius Research and Consulting is proud to undertake a new assignement with Entité 2, the French-Language Health Services Planning Entity

Socius expands!

I am pleased to introduce Joël Marier who is Socius Research and Consulting's newest associate. Joël is a long time

Data-driven. Yes, but…

"...the increasing use of data-driven practices raises the hope that leaders can make progress (...) [against] ... disparities in education,


“Everything great and intelligent is in the minority” - Goethe

Active Offer

In 2015, Socius Research and Consulting facilitated a process that lead to the following definition: Active offer of health services

In with the Plural Sector?

The plural sector - a.k.a. social sector, third sector, NGOs or civil society - sits in between the private and