About Marc L. Johnson

Consulting Sociologist. President of Socius Research & Consulting.

Data-driven. Yes, but…

"...the increasing use of data-driven practices raises the hope that leaders can make progress (...) [against] ... disparities in education, health, economic opportunity, and access to justice..." But "...data-driven solutions will be feasible and sustainable only if leaders create and implement those solutions with the active participation of people in the communities that they target."

There is no such thing as a green product

Interesting read in the latest Standford Social Innovation Review (Spring 2016)... "The corporate sustainability gospel - that green companies sell green products, and green products have some absolute and well-defined environemental attributes - evaporate on closer inspection." (Illustration by JooHee Yoon)


“Everything great and intelligent is in the minority” - Goethe

Active Offer

In 2015, Socius Research and Consulting facilitated a process that lead to the following definition: Active offer of health services in French is the regular and permanent offer of services to the Francophone population. Active offer of services: respects the principle of equity; aims for service quality comparable to that provided in English; is linguistically

In with the Plural Sector?

The plural sector - a.k.a. social sector, third sector, NGOs or civil society - sits in between the private and the public sectors. According to Henry Mintzberg who coined the term, in times of democratic erosion and great imbalances, the plural sector has an important role to play in renewing society. « …Constructive social movements

Renewed as Senior Fellow at uOttawa

The Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ottawa, Marcel Mérette, renewed the appointment of Marc L. Johnson as Senior Fellow at the Centre on Governance until 2017. Appointed to this title in 2012, Mr. Johnson is a sociologist who brings his experience in governance within the Canadian civil society.