Areas of expertise

Are you interested …

  • In a more strategic governance that integrates the people, structures and processes of your organization and its stakeholders?
  • In better connecting your governance cycle to your strategic plan?
  • By an organization connected to community governance?
  • In deciding the impact you should have?
Are you interested …

  • In a better understanding of the issues that you are concerned with?
  • In a clear assessment of the needs you wish to tend to?
  • In evidence-based decision-making?
  • In an evaluatiion of your organization, your strategies, your policies, your results, and your impact?
Are you interested …

  • In putting a theory of change at the center of your strategic planning?
  • In determining what will be your impact in the future?
  • In engaging your volunteers, employees and stakeholders in your vision for the future?
  • In making a collective impact with your partners?
  • In using social innovation methods?
Are you interested …

  • In developping a knowledge mobilization strategy?
  • In relying on knowledge brokering?
  • In undertaking an exercise in capitalization of experience?
  • In explaining clearly your theory of change?
  • Is not a theory!
  • It is an approach to …
    • anticipate how a complex change is likely to occur, according to a chain of results (the theory) and
    • determine what strategic interventions will be needed to bring about this change (the strategy).
  • It is a reflexive exercise, which, by taking a wide view
    • grasps the context, the factors at work in a proposed change, and
    • determines what will be the specific contribution of an initiative or an organization.