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Consulting Sociologist. President of Socius Research & Consulting.

Collective Impact in Lifelong Learning

The RESDAC (Réseau pour le développement de l’alphabétisme et des compétences) has just published a guide to help local French-speaking minority communities to develop Collective Impact strategies in Lifelong Learning.  The Guide is also available in an English-language version.

Marc L. Johnson, principal at Socius Research & Consulting, worked closely with the RESDAC at facilitating the (Lire plus…)

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Socius invited to the Tourism and Social Good 2017 Summit in NYC

Joël Marier of Socius Research and Consulting is one of 150 innovators invited to the Tourism and Social Good 2017 Global Summit in New York.

The Summit is a partner event of the International Year of Sustainable Tourism (2017). Joël is interested in social economy and, more broadly, in social innovation. Responsible and sustainable tourism has (Lire plus…)

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New partnership between Socius and the Tamarack Institute

The Tamarack Institute is recognised as a connected force for community change across Canada. One of its areas of expertise is Collective Impact, for which it offers a wide range of practical tools. Socius Research and Consulting is proud to collaborate with Tamarack in producing French-language adaptation of its toolbox.

A first tool has just been (Lire plus…)

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Measuring Impact: Six Good Practices for NPOs

By Joël Marier

Many of us are concerned about our social impact, as it is now a key component of the non-profit organization (NPO) management process. However, not everyone understands it in the same way. Many confuse activities and impact, others see it as a mere deliverable to donors as part of their accountability relationship, a (Lire plus…)

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We Are In Good Health! Santé!

Socius Research and Consulting is proud to undertake a new assignement with Entité 2, the French-Language Health Services Planning Entity for Hamilton-Niagara-Haldimand-Brant and Waterloo-Wellington, in Ontario. Joël Marier and Marc L. Johnson will be leading the Entité’s strategic planning exercise in the coming months. This assignement is yet another service provided by Socius to the (Lire plus…)

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Socius expands!

I am pleased to introduce Joël Marier who is Socius Research and Consulting’s newest associate.

Joël is a long time friend who will bring his management and governance expertise, as well as his pragmatic and positive outlook to our consulting practice.

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Evaluating, according to E. R. House

“Evaluators evaluate with their whole person, not only with methods.”

– Ernest R. House (2015)

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Data-driven. Yes, but…

“…the increasing use of data-driven practices raises the hope that leaders can make progress (…) … disparities in education, health, economic opportunity, and access to justice…”

But “…data-driven solutions will be feasible and sustainable only if leaders create and implement those solutions with the active participation of people in the communities that they target.”

Read more (Lire plus…)

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There is no such thing as a green product

Interesting read in the latest Standford Social Innovation Review (Spring 2016)…

“The corporate sustainability gospel – that green companies sell green products, and green products have some absolute and well-defined environemental attributes – evaporate on closer inspection.”

(Illustration by JooHee Yoon)

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“Everything great and intelligent is in the minority” – Goethe

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