Our Services

Our experts can examine your activities or monitor the issues at hand to provide you with advice on how to appropriately deal with the current situation.
Our consultants can assist as coach to the elected officers and executives of your non-profit organization. They are registered with the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation’s Innoweave program to coach not-for-profit organizations.
Our consultants can assist you in the design and organization of events, such as seminars, symposiums, and summits.
Our consultants can conduct or coordinate research activities to produce knowledge assessments, needs assessments, feasibility studies, program evaluations, or organizational audits.
Our consultants can host meetings, focus groups, workshops, conferences, seminars, symposiums, etc., on-site or online, in French, English or Spanish.
Our consultants can facilitate knowledge exchange between the world of social research and that of practice, helping to highlight the needs for research and to facilitate the flow of knowledge produced from research.
Our consultants can provide individual or small group training, either on site or remotely, by conference or workshop. They can tackle a variety of themes
Approaches / Methods

  • Approaches / Methods:
  • Establishing and measuring impact
  • Collective impact
  • Theory of change
  • Developmental evaluation
  • Creating and managing a social enterprise
  • Collaborative research
  • Community governance
  • Carver Governance Policy


  • Tourism and World Heritage
  • Intercultural exchanges for young people
  • Peace and intercultural dialogue
  • Active offer of minority-based services
  • Language Transmission
  • Minorities and resilience

Areas of expertise

Are you interested …

  • In a more strategic governance that integrates the people, structures and processes of your organization and its stakeholders?
  • In better connecting your governance cycle to your strategic plan?
  • By an organization connected to community governance?
  • In deciding the impact you should have?
Are you interested …

  • In a better understanding of the issues that you are concerned with?
  • In a clear assessment of the needs you wish to tend to?
  • In evidence-based decision-making?
  • In an evaluatiion of your organization, your strategies, your policies, your results, and your impact?
Are you interested …

  • In putting a theory of change at the center of your strategic planning?
  • In determining what will be your impact in the future?
  • In engaging your volunteers, employees and stakeholders in your vision for the future?
  • In making a collective impact with your partners?
  • In using social innovation methods?
Are you interested …

  • In developping a knowledge mobilization strategy?
  • In relying on knowledge brokering?
  • In undertaking an exercise in capitalization of experience?
  • In explaining clearly your theory of change?
  • Is not a theory!
  • It is an approach to …
    • anticipate how a complex change is likely to occur, according to a chain of results (the theory) and
    • determine what strategic interventions will be needed to bring about this change (the strategy).
  • It is a reflexive exercise, which, by taking a wide view
    • grasps the context, the factors at work in a proposed change, and
    • determines what will be the specific contribution of an initiative or an organization.