By Joel Marier

The Innoweave program of the JW McConnell Family Foundation offers free webinars, action-oriented workshops, accessible tools and funding to non-profit organizations so they can work with specialists like our team. Socius has put in place an approach based on social innovation.

With ten specialized modules, Innoweave ( helps organizations be more innovative in maximizing their impact. In working with Innoweave, organizations have the opportunity to:

  • Define their goals more clearly and determine how they want to achieve these goals individually and collectively; and
  • Develop innovative approaches to work collaboratively with other stakeholders and access the resources needed to advance their mission.

The Socius team has been working with Innoweave for several years and supports organizations in several of these ten modules, particularly social enterprise, collective impact and scaling impact.

Organizations interested in this approach may be eligible for Innoweave funding by submitting a short (2-3 pages) expression of interest document by August 15th. If your expression of interest is accepted, then you will have until October 1 to submit another short document, which is your project plan specifying a funding request and the coach with whom you would like to work. Some Innoweave coaches, such as Socius, provide free support to organizations in developing their expression of interest and their project plan. Innoweave accepts new projects three times a year, at August 15, December 15 and April 15.

Perhaps you know an organization that could benefit from this approach to increase its impact or its own-source revenue?

The Socius team would be pleased to explore with you whether the Innoweave program could be a relevant avenue for your organization or project.