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We Are In Good Health! Santé!

Socius Research and Consulting is proud to undertake a new assignement with Entité 2, the French-Language Health Services Planning Entity for Hamilton-Niagara-Haldimand-Brant and Waterloo-Wellington, in Ontario. Joël Marier and Marc L. Johnson will be leading the Entité's strategic planning exercise in the coming months. This assignement is yet another service provided by Socius to the [...]

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Socius expands!

I am pleased to introduce Joël Marier who is Socius Research and Consulting's newest associate. Joël is a long time friend who will bring his management and governance expertise, as well as his pragmatic and positive outlook to our consulting practice.

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Data-driven. Yes, but…

"...the increasing use of data-driven practices raises the hope that leaders can make progress (...) [against] ... disparities in education, health, economic opportunity, and access to justice..." But " solutions will be feasible and sustainable only if leaders create and implement those solutions with the active participation of people in the communities that they target." [...]

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There is no such thing as a green product

Interesting read in the latest Standford Social Innovation Review (Spring 2016)... "The corporate sustainability gospel - that green companies sell green products, and green products have some absolute and well-defined environemental attributes - evaporate on closer inspection." (Illustration by JooHee Yoon)

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Active Offer

In 2015, Socius Research and Consulting facilitated a process that lead to the following definition: Active offer of health services in French is the regular and permanent offer of services to the Francophone population. Active offer of services: respects the principle of equity; aims for service quality comparable to that provided in English; is linguistically [...]

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